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The Opal Society Charter

The word "Opal" is believed to descend from what means "to see a change in color." and is thought to embody flashes of light from the heavens, and is known as a symbol of hope, purity and truth. A gemstone of brightness, vivid of color, with an ability to quickly change in appearance through perspectives and light. The Opal is the inspiration of our FC. The creation of a community where our diverse strengths and experience can come together to develop a beautiful, colorful, glowing, and most of all inviting environment.
With this inspiration, we strive to shape a fun, safe and place where all from the casual to raiders, gathers and crafters and those who are from timid to bold are warmly welcomed. A space where we can come together and share in adventures and works as a team. We cannot think to ever be perfect, while we develop slowly like an opal, one step at a time, getting closer and closer to finding perfection in the rocks.

Ranks and Progression

Master - All permissions.
Fire Opal - Founder/Council
Matrix - Council Member
Flagstone - Officer
Kaleidoscope - Housing Rank
Gem - Housing Rank
Shard - Member rank
Geode - Probationary Member

Housing and Donations
Housing Goal: Medium; Large if time allows.
Donations: Deposited in the FC Chest, where they will stay for all to see.
Logs will be tracked and added by the Master, Balthy Tywyll, and posted on the website.
All donations are final.

New Recruit Probation and Inactivity

New Recruits: Two week probation period for newly invited members, during which, log in must occur once a week.

Inactivity of an Established Member: After a member is inactive (without communication or log in) for 3 months, dismissal can take place. The player may rejoin at any time.

Policies for Problems and Grounds for Dismissal

General Dismissal Protocol
Among our family we feel that matters of bullying, harassment, or other negative behavior will be dealt with swiftly and fairly.
1. Notify the person that their behavior towards you is unacceptable, clearly explain why it is unacceptable, and make clear that you wish it to stop. Screenshot any offending text if possible.
2. In the event the behavior continues: notify an officer, explain the issue. The officer will then make it clear to the offender that the behavior is unacceptable, why it is unacceptable and the behavior needs to cease.
3. If the behavior continues still, Dismissal with approval of a second officer is the only course of action.

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